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About me

I am a change management professional with considerable experience of designing, communicating and delivering successful change in several sectors. I have a career background in four major organisations, (UK Ministry of Defence, British Telecom, BAE Systems and Lloyds Banking Group), before establishing my own change management consultancy and interim management service. I have held senior management positions in engineering; project management; change management; strategy; HR and procurement.


My children's picture book site is 

My charity fundraising site is 

How I can help you

I provide a change management consultancy service with expertise in; strategy development; cultural change; financial services regulatory change; mobilisation, delivery assurance and the recovery of major complex programmes. I also provide interim management of key change roles and business mentoring. I can bring in from my network other change professionals and associates to support the delivery of major assignments. 



Please feel free to send a message, ask a question, make a comment by sending me an email or giving me a call.


+44(0) 7539 380430


If you are an experienced change professional and interested in becoming an associate of Richard Barr Consulting Limited, then please contact me.  

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